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Journey of Anandakuti Vidyapeeth in the field of Education

Mohan Nar Singh Shrestha - Vice Principal  

Ananda kuti Vidyapeeth is one of the unique schools I have ever seen. Geographically it is situated on a hillock just behind Swoyambhu temple, about two miles west of Kathmandu city. Its location is so suitable for school that there is peaceful environment for imparting education to the students. It is a boarding school. Many students from all over Nepal come here to study as boarder students or as day students. From the city, some students come to study here either by bus or by walking. Those students who become boarders feel this school as their own home. Boarders who have come to join this school from the remote places go back to their home once or twice in the long vacation. Those students from local city who have come to be boarders are permitted to go home once a month. So this school is just like their home. These boarder students go to study in the class along with day scholars. Both boarders and day scholars study together as their own friends without discrimination. They co-operate each other mutually in their study and try to do better at the time of examination.

I came here as I was transferred from Phurping Tribhuwan Boarding School by the District Education Office on the 1st week of Falgun, 2032. The moment I came to join this school, I came to know that this school was established in 2008 B.S. by honourable Bhikkhu Amritananda. He established it with great difficulty and enthusiasm. He started this school with 6 boys in Ananda kuti Vihar (Buddhist monastery} just near the present Anandakuti Boarding school. I was given to understand that this place was a steep hillock and Rev Bhikksu Amritananda started leveling the place and erected different buildings for different purposes with the monetary aids from different neighboring countries. These different buildings house library, classes, science lab, auditorium, kitchen, dormitories, etc.

When I came here, Principal Ratna Bahadur Bajracharya assigned me to work as a vice principal in this school with the approval of the Managing Board. My function by that time was to look after the academic and disciplinary side. The principal himself used to look after the administrative side. One year after I got this responsibility, the principal went to Australia, Sydney deputising me as an acting principal.

By that time teachers were enthusiastic in teaching. They were also trained teachers as they were made to take training compulsorily. Students also were under compulsion to be in discipline. At that time there was good teaching and learning environment in the class. When I came to this school, there were about four hundred students. Due to quality teaching by teachers, the SLC result of this school used to come out in the flying colors, sometimes getting first position in board and sometimes in board 4th or 5th. Every year all the students who appeared in the SLC examination from Anandakuti Boarding School used to pass the examination mostly in 1st division. As a result, the number of students increased year by year and the number reached eighteen hundred. On the demand of guardians, we opened kanya (girls) section where girls only are given education under the in-chargeship of Mrs. Vimala Bajracharya who was appointed the vice principal of that section.

Then the structure of authorities was made larger keeping one head for one subject department so as to know how the concerned teachers in their assigned subject are improving. At the same time one in-charge in each section (primary, lower secondary and secondary) was assigned by giving responsibility to look after how their concerned section has been running. Then one more vice principal was appointed to look after the administrative side. For that purpose, Mr. Mukunda Bahadur Shrestha was assigned. Among these authorities, there is co-ordination. In case of difficulty, they help each other to run the school smoothly. Then the teachers also used to work in the spirit of team work. The salary of the teacher was not less than that of the government or the other boarding schools. Up to 2037 B.S this school was run in the full swing.

By the end of 2037 B.S, the Government began to apply the privatization system making the policy for the boarding school to run freely and privately. With the coming up of multi party system, many boarding schools and local schools were permitted freely to open every where in Nepal without imposition of any condition. Then many boarding schools came out like mushroom particularly from locality to locality in the Kathmandu valley giving more emphasis on the English language. So they started their schools in Nepal in English Medium.

If all these boarding schools are in keen and sound competition, it is good and such schools may give some sort of quality education to the students. But there are showy boarding schools which give emphasis only on English language to attract more students for admission. Such boarding schools may be run on business motive. These showy English medium boarding schools may not give quality education. Quality education means that the students must be able to learn good knowledge & skill in their study so that they can form good manner and good character. But the guardians rush to such showy boarding schools for the admission of their wards without thinking about whether they are actually giving quality education or not.

At the same time those students who are only after English try to follow the English culture avoiding the Nepalese culture. I mean to say that students must learn English and must have a good command over English but they should not lose their Nepalese identity at any cost. But the student must acquire knowledge and skill in other subjects too along with English speaking skill which will enable them to develop their character and will help them maintain their Nepalese identity.

Look at he standard of Ananda Kuti Vidya Peeth in the studies. During the 50 years, the school has produced six thousand students with excellent records in the S.L.C. Among them, many of them have become doctors, engineers, administrators etc, who have been working as important persons in Nepal. In this way, we have been trying to make our students a good citizen of Nepal. We want our students to learn not only English language but also we want them to learn morality & good manner in order to be an able person in any field into which they are going to enter as a responsible men. This school which has reached this position so far is because of the contribution of all the teachers and staff's joint effort.

I have already mentioned that it is not a joke to build up a school. It depends upon the teacher, the guardian and the Government policy. Teachers must be dedicated, guardians must be conscious of their wards and the Government policy must be sound. Teachers must do their duty sincerely to make the students go to the right path. Guardian also must do their duty by watching their wards' activities in relation to their study, their manner, physical fitness exercise etc. In the same way, if the Government Policy is not correct and right, the school may suffer affecting its student population. The Government must make such a policy that it helps the school produce, good citizens required for the nation building. Anandakuti Vidyapeeth is working towards achievement of this goal.




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